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         Shenzhen Idea Light Limited is a  integrated enterprise of manufacture and trading company. Factory is located in  Shengdelan Industry Park Shenzhen China, covering an area of more than 1500+ square meters. Shenzhen Idea Light Limited committed to research, manufacture, sale professional led grow light and other led spectrum light including led light therapy. Shenzhen Idea Light Limited already got many patents and quality certificate on products. LED Grow lights with many different models which apply for indoor grow, greenhouse, urban garden, smart home garden, smart plant factory, etc. LED light Therapy widely use for home therapy, gym therapy, etc. Products already exported to US, Canada, Australia, Spain, UK, Germany, Switzerland, etc. countries. We have a strong research and engineer team, who are with more than 10 years experience in led grow light and spectrum light industry, that’s why we can provide the higher efficiency and the longer lifespan led light for my customers, and also provide OEM and ODM service to customers in fast way. In the meanwhile, we have a far-sighted management team. Meeting the market demand, providing the right products and the best service to customers, it's always Shenzhen Idea Light family's mission.
   led grow lights for commercial, greenhouse, research, and                                               indoor growing
If you are looking for high quality LED Grow Lights for your indoor plants, you have come to the right place! Advanced LED is the leader in the LED Grow Light industry offering some of the best products used by many for their indoor gardens. If you want world-class Grow Lights from an established company that offers first class customer service, we have everything that you need. Here are some of the key features of our LED Grow Lights:
Easy To Use Color Select
Most of our models have easy to use color select dimmable switches with clone, veg and flower modes. Select your color output and intensity or run full strength!
Full spectrum
12+ color output wavelength: 730 nm, 660 nm, 630 nm, 610 nm, 585 nm, 505 nm, 460 nm, 430 nm, 410 nm, 3500 k, 6500 k, 12000 k.
Daisy Chain
Link multiple LED Grow Lights with a Daisy Chain. You can easily connect up to 4 Grow Lights on one cord to reduce clutter in your grow space.
High Efficiency
Save on your electric bill! With our advanced spectral technology, our Grow Lights consume a fraction of the light compared to HPS, Metal Halide, and Fluorescent.
Low heat output
Our LED plant growth lights eliminate the need for A/C. Our patented LED plant lamp design, heat dissipation technology can reduce heat by more than 50%.
Effectively Replace HPS Systems
Most of our LED Grow Lights replace a 400 w to 600w HPS. Larger models can even replace 1000w systems in commercial greenhouses.
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